Justice for ISIS Survivors

Despite considerable evidence stored in warehouses and hard drives around the world, not a single ISIS member has been held accountable for crimes against the Yazidis or for any gender-based crimes, like rape.

Can ISIS’s indoctrinated kids be saved from a future of violent jihad?

Inside the race to save Jewish heritage in the Middle East and North Africa.

In Turkey, Dashed Hopes and Deepening Rifts

The election of a Kurdish political party to the Turkish parliament in 2015 offered glimmers of respite in a 30-year war between the government and Kurdish militants. But renewed tension and violence have tempered any expectations of progress or peace.

Syrians Can’t Catch a Break in Bulgaria, Either

In 2013 Syrians fleeing war began pouring into Bulgaria with the hope of starting a better life. Instead, they found deplorable conditions at refugee camps and ballooning xenophobia. ——- Ali Al-Jasem, 16, arrived with his family in a patch of woods near Turkey’s border with Bulgaria at six o’clock on a clear October morning. There…

The Women Fighters Taking on ISIS

When ISIS jihadis tore through Iraq in the summer of 2014, kidnapping hundreds of women, morale surged among Kurdish female fighters who sought revenge for their atrocities.